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Technical Nonwovens

The Lydall Industrial Filtration business is a global manufacturer of technical nonwoven materials and products With operations in Europe North America and Asia we provide a wide range of engineered products designed and manufactured for industrial applications Our products service a broad industrial market including air pollution control liquid filtration laundry equipment business

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From cabin air to HVAC filters there are multiple types of non-woven filter media that help keep our air clean Bacteria pollen and dust can all affect the way we breathe so it's important that the air filter media we use to minimize the impact of these harmful toxins works well


Nonwovens production is a broad category of processes that convert fibres into mats sheets or other final shapes for use in products The fibres are not formed into yarns as in spinning or weaving they are bound together mechanically chemically or thermally Nonwovens are used in an array of products for hygiene such as disposable diapers feminine hygiene wipes and products used in

Nonwoven Fabrics in the Filtration Industry

Nonwoven Fabrics in Filtration Nonwovens offer many advantages in all types of filtration Whether a filter is designed to keep the air in your home clean an operating room sterile or to remove dirt and grit from the oil in your car before it reaches the engine nonwoven fabrics get the job done Anyone who suffers from allergies already knows that having a good heating and air conditioning

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LTG Filtration Technology products have proved their worth in the personal care and medical sectors over many years now Our product range has a modular structure allowing you to adapt all of the process stages to your application Our compact filter unit CFU combines the individual products and can consist of different filter stages depending on the design

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Air filtration materials such as protective masks can protect humans from airborne pathogens however most of the existing protective filtration materials are aimed to intercept bacteria Therefore in this work modified polypropylene- (PP-) based melt-blown nonwovens with antibacterial property were prepared for reducing the infection rate during the filtering process


Filtration - NONWOVENS INDUSTRY is the only monthly trade magazine dedicated to the worldwide business of nonwovens For more than 30 years the magazine has tracked the growth of the nonwovens industry through years of changes technology evolution and market development

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NC State University Webinar Series: Principles of Air Filtration Materials and Design May 26 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm 12 – 1pm CT Textile manufacturers have responded to the COVID-19 crisis in unprecedented ways rapidly retooling production lines to manufacture materials and products for PPE Many of these companies face challenges from understanding performance requirements and new

Industrial air filtration company Donaldson acquires IFIL

MINNEAPOLIS MN July 1 2015- Donaldson Company Inc DCI -0 99% a leader in the global industrial air filtration market through its Donaldson Torit business announced today that it has acquired a majority sTongWei in IFIL USA LLC a manufacturer of pleated bag filters for industrial dust collection The agreement with IFIL USA is expected to contribute approximately $6 million to $8

Filtration Properties of Nonwovens

air filtration filter media nonwovens fibres aerosol 1 INTRODUCTION Needled nonwovens are widely used as filter media in phase systems (Dickenson 1992 Purchas 1996): solid-gas solid-liquid and liquid-gas Due to the required chemical resistance or microorganisms' action they are mainly produced out of chemical fibres In filtration processes the fibre surface its geometrical


Meltblown nonwovens can cater to applications such as acoustic installation oil sorbents medical wound dressings apparel and air filtration Nonwovens plant runs 24hrs a day 7 days a week Environmental and sustainability focus is maintained by intelligent recycling in process and post process by purpose built recovery and conversion systems

Nonwovens in Filtration

Nonwovens continue to grow in production and consumption all over the world From disposable cheap products to high-value engineered products nonwovens find application in several areas that are critical to our life and environment including that of filtration Filtration and other performance of nonwovens depend on the structure and properties of the products which in turn depend on the

Nonwoven Applications for Filtration

Nonwoven Applications for Filtration Posted by John Field Tweet Nonwovens are found in so many areas of filtration due to many reasons Two key end-use segments of nonwoven applications are within air (dry filtration) and liquid (wet filtration) Common nonwoven technologies used for filtration are spunbonded meltblown and wetlaid Nonwovens often have an advantage over other filtration

Filtration Efficiency of Polypropylene melt

Most of the traditional filter materials are ordinary melt-blown non-woven fabrics etc which has a poor filtering effect and cannot effectively filter the tiny particles and bacteria in the air after research the electret process is used that is: adding electret materials And the non-woven polypropylene non-woven fabric with high electret treatment has high filtration efficiency

The North American Nonwoven Filtration Market

The North American Nonwoven Filtration Market Brad Kalil Director of Market Research and Statistics April 4 2017 2 2 Today's Discussion The North America Nonwovens Market North American Nonwovens Filtration Market What's At the Forefront 3 3 Nonwovens Definition An Engineered Fabric "An engineered fibrous assembly which has been given a designed level of structural integrity by

Fibers Textiles And Nonwovens In Filtration

To date this technology largely has been limited to air filtration in dust collection cartridges or engine air-inTongWei filters for use in automobiles and trucks "A large and highly-diversified filtration product supplier like Clarcor uses virtually every imaginable fabric especially synthetic and/or cellulosic blended nonwovens in a wide range of products from power generation to

Overview of Filtration Media Classes Their Properties

Overview of Filtration Media Classes Their Properties and Applications in Which They Excel Dr Heath Himstedt John Simenson Johns Manville Next Generation Filter Media Conference American Filtration and Separations Society October 15 2014 Nonwovens Overview What is a nonwoven? Sheet or web of fibers interlocked by mechanical (friction/entanglement) or chemical (adhesion)

Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric: Guide to Classification and

According to the use it can be divided into meltblown nonwovens for masks meltblown nonwovens for air purifiers meltblown nonwovens for liquid filtration meltblown nonwovens for insulation meltblown nonwovens for oil absorption and other meltblown nonwovens the relevant definitions are as follows Meltblown nonwovens for masks: used for face masks anti-particulate respirators and other


Specialty Nonwovens Innovative Material Structures and Composites Protective Apparel - Filtration - Special Applications Contact We Are the Nonwoven Experts As a solution-oriented supplier of spunlaced and needlepunched nonwovens we realize the importance of our environment By focusing on sustainability air quality and environmental protection we are able to provide products to

The North American Nonwoven Filtration Market

The North American Nonwoven Filtration Market Brad Kalil Director of Market Research and Statistics April 4 2017 2 2 Today's Discussion The North America Nonwovens Market North American Nonwovens Filtration Market What's At the Forefront 3 3 Nonwovens Definition An Engineered Fabric "An engineered fibrous assembly which has been given a designed level of structural integrity by


The use of nonwovens in filtration is well-known and needs no elaborate discussion However more and more nanofiber-based products are finding applications either as stand alone filter media or in combination with conventional nonwovens Nonwoven nanofiber filtration media is now filling the microfiltration performance gap that had existed in the past offering benefits such as enhanced air

Why use nonwovens in filtration?

Why use nonwovens in filtration? Nonwovens can be engineered very precisely to meet exact specifications and stringent regulatory requirements for air filtration and liquid filtration They are ideal in filtration applications where strength of extremely high temperatures is required but other advantages include ease of strikethrough increased efficiency reduced energy cost and longer

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